Webinar: Create an Inclusive and Welcoming Workplace for Your Employees

Program will help you support your entire workforce and allow you to better understand the laws and legal requirements governing gender identity in the workplace.

On February 14th, SMACNA will hold a webinar titled “How Does Your Business Currently Support and/or Accommodate Your Employees.” This program will help corporate leadership learn more about supporting and encouraging workers who identify as LGBTQ+ or gender-fluid. This event will also assist you in learning more about how you respond if a member of your workforce requests that you address them by gender pronouns (i.e., she, he, they, them) that are different from their biological gender.

In this free SMACNA member-exclusive webinar, you will learn broader strategies for creating a work environment that is inclusive and welcoming for ALL employees. This important presentation will cover the ever-evolving laws and regulations that govern gender identity in the workplace, along with learning more about current legal requirements that require your company's compliance.

Speakers for this event are Penelope (Penny) Phillips, Attorney at Felhaber Larson, and Dushaw Hockett, Founder and Executive Director at Safe Places for the Advancement of Community and Equity (SPACEs).

Finally, you’ll get valuable tips and tools for creating an environment that benefits everyone employed by your business.

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