Webinar Recording: Addressing Performance Issues Within Your Skilled Workforce

This recent webinar provided practical information on how to address performance issues in a unionized workplace.

SMACNA’s recent webinar Addressing Performance Issues Within Your Skilled Workforce, is now available for on-demand viewing. This webinar, led by Grant Collins, Attorney with Felhaber Larson, provided practical “how-to’s” for SMACNA membersto navigate performance issues within a unionized workplace successfully. By viewing this recording, you will learn more about topics that include: 

  • Practical guidance on administering "progressive discipline."
  • Conducting employee interviews (while observing Weingarten rights).
  • Properly documenting performance issues so that any discipline will hold up in the grievance and arbitration process.

Those that work in a Human Resources or personnel role will find the information covered in this recording extremely useful.

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