Webinar Recording - Withdrawal Liability: Buying, Selling, or Closing a Business

The final part of this webinar series focuses on liabilities that may be incurred if an owner is considering selling, closing, or transitioning ownership of their shop. 

What To Know About Selling, Transitioning, or Closing Your Business is designed to help  SMACNA members understand more about unfunded liability.  This recorded webinar explains the assessment of withdrawal liability if an owner is considering selling their business, closing the company, or transitioning ownership to the next generation.

Once again hosted by Michael McNally, Partner with Fox Rothschild, this webinar also discussed who is liable for unfunded liability if it is triggered and how to structure a sale to avoid triggering a withdrawal.

Mr. McNally’s practice focuses on collectively bargained benefit plans, and he has extensive experience advising clients in highly technical and specialized areas ranging from withdrawal liability to multiemployer pension plans.

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