SMACNA Launches Webpage on the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge

Page has dual focus on providing members with information and building owners and operators a place to learn and contact SMACNA members to perform the work.

With the billions now available for infrastructure upgrades and for improvements to indoor air quality, SMACNA is developing a series of web pages that provide contractors with useful information on how to access the billions of dollars of funding allocated. This week, SMACNA is launching the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge page which highlights all part of the challenge and provides additional resources for visitors to learn more at their own pace.

These pages are also designed to provide people looking for guidance on these upgrades to both learn and to contact SMACNA Members directly to pursue new business relationships.

In the coming weeks, SMACNA will be using social media and search engine marketing to promote our pages to building owners, building operators and school administrators. 


The Challenge is a cooperative effort by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The four primary focus areas for the Challenge include:

  • Urging building owners to create a clean indoor air action plan.
  • Focusing on optimizing fresh air ventilation.
  • Enhancing air filtration and cleaning.
  • Increasing community engagement through a rigorous process of communication and education.

Click here to visit the page and learn more about the Challenge.