White House Releases New Fact Sheet that Includes Links to SMACNA’s IAQ and Schools Website Content

SMACNA’s School IAQ content is now linked to in the Biden Administration’s new fact sheet for back to school solutions on staying safely open all year long.

The Biden Administration released a fact sheet to help school administrators prevent COVID-19 spread within their schools and keep the learning environment open safely throughout the year. The fact sheet offered several solutions to school leaders, including promoting vaccinations, full access to testing, and improving indoor air quality within school buildings.

Within the fact sheet, SMACNA’s online resource outlining how to start a school IAQ project was cited by the White House as a top-level resource school administrators could draw upon to begin planning a school HVAC retrofit. The fact sheet also outlined how the administration will recognize those schools leading the way in modernizing their HVAC infrastructure to protect staff and students from the spread of COVID-19.

As SMACNA contractors meet with school leaders to discuss potential HVAC projects, please take a moment to highlight the White House fact sheet and the use of SMACNA’s resources by the Biden Administration. This simple step will help not help further establish SMACNA’s place as a subject matter expert and build trust between you and a potential customer.