Let's Talk Shop, Episode 17

Chuck Gulledge on Leading Through a Pandemic

In Episode 17 of Let’s Talk Shop, host Angie Simon, CEO, Western Allied Mechanical, chats with ASHRAE President Chuck Gulledge about his tenure as president during COVID and the opportunities he capitalized on to meet more members than he might have otherwise.



He says his virtual visits have been tremendously effective. “I could never go visit every ASHRAE chapter and do all these things, go with the peer society. It’s just nor physically or financially possible to do that. I saw opportunity here, so I created a challenge.” His goal? To virtually visit every ASHRAE chapter. So far, he’s visited 150 of about 198 chapters, many of which are located around the globe.

“What it has allowed is exposure to cultures, members and people I would never have been able to physically [meet]. The ASHRAE members around the world have brought their culture to me, and it’s been great.”

As a result of virtual meetings, Gulledge says he’s been able to do more than any other ASHRAE president before him.

Chuck and Angie also discuss the future of our industry, how contractors can lead the way in shifting from a single design-build model to a more collaborative, team-centric approach, IAQ, and how new technologies will continue to transform the industry.

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