Let's Talk Shop Episode 12

 TAB contractors and their frontline fight against COVID-19


In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Shop, host Angie Simon, CEO, Western Allied Mechanical, talks with Matt Sano, president of Fisher Balancing Company, a testing and air balancing contractor, and Jennifer Lohr, a technician with the company.

“We’ve been called on by our clients to get involved with them and help them prepare areas of their hospital that need to have a negative pressure for the protection of the patients and the caregivers,” says Sano. “The need to make them (hospitals) COVID-19 compliant has been a moving target,” Sano adds.

Jennifer Lohr worked day and night in Philadelphia to help reconfigure duct work and find ways to change air pressure at around 250 regular hospital rooms at the Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She was tasked with ensuring optimal pressure and airflow testing. And it all had to happen very quickly – often times within 24 hours.

“In the event that we weren’t able to do what they were asking with the existing systems that they had, then we would work with the mechanical contractor and the hospital facilities staff to come up with a solution,” says Lohr.

Listen to the episode to learn more about the work Fisher Balancing is doing to combat COVID-19, some of the challenges they face, and what has changed for employees.

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Content reviewed 4/2022