SMACNA Interview: Joe Samia

President of Central Consolidated, Inc. talks about how his business has been positively impacted by recent infrastructure funding.



Joe Samia, President of Wichita, KS-based Central Consolidated, Inc., joined Jeff Henriksen at the 2022 SMACNA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs, CO. During their discussion, Joe and Jeff talked about some of the emerging trends in Kansas. Specifically, they focus on the resurgence in design-build work within Kansas and an expansion in work driven by public sector bonds. Joe and Jeff also touch on upcoming mega-projects, such as a Panasonic factory being aggressively pursued by the Kansas state government. They also look at the labor situation in the state, particularly how the Davis-Bacon Act is positively influencing workplace conditions. Finally, Joe reflects on his time as a member of the SMACNA board.