SMACNA Interview Video: Todd Byxbe

Todd Byxbe highlights some of the recent projects his company has worked on and how SMACNA has helped them face the challenges of the pandemic.

At the SMACNA 2021 Annual Convention, Todd Byxbe, Manager, Miller Engineering in Rockford, IL, talked about how Miller has handled recent business challenges and what has helped them remain successful.

Holistically, Miller Engineering offers every service their customer might need for a project. This has helped them keep the business within the company instead of relying on outside contractors. Miller’s primary work is focused on commercial renovations and new construction. Most recently, the company has worked on new school construction. And recent legislation in Illinois has opened up funds for better ventilation and air conditioning in schools, which offers even more opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges for SMACNA contractors has been supply chain delays. “Even getting polymers for the paint,” says Byxbe. SMACNA has helped Byxbe and other contractors with leadership and working on legislation that will benefit contractors and their customers.