75F® HyperStat™ is BACnet Listed

75F HyperStat BACnet is an award-winning, industry-leading thermostat and humidistat with a full suite of built-in air quality sensors. This device is an application-specific BACnet controller that is fully BTL Certified.

Article content provided by 75F.

A recent blog post by 75F discusses their Award-Winning HyperStat that is now BACnet listed and available to buildings with an existing Building Management System (BMS). BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) approved the HyperStat for listing after rigorous vetting from a certified testing organization for functionality and reliability in a BACnet application.

The Original HyperStat is a cloud-connected thermostat, humidistat, and IAQ sensing station crafted to support healthy, efficient spaces easily and affordably. It replaces multiple room sensors with a single cost-competitive solution. Each device has pre-packaged sequences of operation and eight sensors supporting the WELL Building Standard, right out of the box. 

The HyperStat with BACnet MSTP forgoes the original device's cloud-connected capabilities — integration with 75F® Facilisight™, seamless digital twin integration, over-the-air updates, and more — to bring sophisticated Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQM), comfort, and energy efficiency to buildings with an existing BMS.

In traditional automation, comprehensive IAQM requires purchasing additional sensors for CO₂, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), light, and sound. Then, operators must install a network to connect the sensors to the BMS, explore and add the new points to the database with history extension for each point, set up alerts, and update control sequences for IAQM.​

75F's HyperStat in buildings with an existing BMS saves owners and operators from spending money on multiple sensor components, time-consuming setup, and unnecessarily complicated integrations. Where comparable devices on the market have one or two sensors on board, the HyperStat's eight sensors for temperature, humidity, light, sound, VOCs, occupancy, CO₂ and particulate matter make optimal air quality affordable and simple for all.

It has six onboard relays, three analog outputs, two analog inputs, two thermistor inputs, and software-defined control capabilities for all types of standalone multi-stage and modulating packaged HVAC equipment from PTAC units to heat pumps and fan coils found in commercial buildings. In addition, it can act as the local interface and sensing for VAV controllers.

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