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Strategic thinking is crucial to the longevity and health of a company. That is why it is the perfect time to invest in upgrading your technology to something faster and more accurate.

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FastDUCT and FastPIPE Estimating Software is the one-stop answer to all of your estimating needs.

FastDUCT HVAC Estimating Software
FastDUCT is commercial HVAC estimating software that simplifies bidding sheet metal and industrial ductwork jobs. FastDUCT can easily handle complex jobs using either your company construction standards or purchased duct. Plus... your reports and spreadsheets will seamlessly integrate with FastPIPE for a complete plumbing, mechanical and HVAC solution!

FastPIPE Mechanical Estimating Software
FastPIPE is industry-leading plumbing and mechanical estimating software for commercial and industrial contractors. Whether you are estimating plumbing, HVAC piping, or industrial process piping, FastPIPE provides all of the takeoff and reporting tools needed to create an accurate and timely quote. Tired of outdated estimating software? Then FastPIPE is your solution!

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FastEST produces technologically advanced construction cost estimating software designed specifically for the mechanical, plumbing, piping, and HVAC contractor. FastEST, Inc. is the developer and distributor of FastDUCT & FastPIPE Estimating software since 1995. Systems are complete with data, specs, and assemblies for piping, rectangular, round, oval ductwork, accessories and equipment.