The Optimal Way to Cut Sheet Metal for Duct Fabrication

Improving the efficiency and quality of duct and fittings starts with metal cutting equipment. Metal cutting is a vital step in the HVAC fabrication process and affects the quality of the finished product.

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The Lockformer Vulcan® Fiber Laser Cutting System is the optimal solution that will help reduce bottlenecks, improve productivity, and reduce material waste and labor costs, all while improving the overall quality of the product. Using this fiber laser over plasma also increases cut speed and quality.

Since the introduction of the Vulcan® Fiber Laser Cutting System, Lockformer continues to develop advanced technology for the industry’s only enclosed sheet metal cutting system with open architecture allowing for sheet fed or coil fed capabilities. The added Torch Height Control (THC) system features automatic setup, eliminates manual calibration, sets cut height by contact sensing technology, and saves the torch tip and head from damage with the anti-plunge mode.

  • Cutting Speeds up to three times faster than a conventional plasma cutter
  • High-quality cut like that of a high-definition plasma cutter on mild steel and stainless steel
  • Complete compressed air system
  • Zoned exhaust cutting table which produces minimal exhaust
  • Can be sheet fed or coil fed - coil feed capabilities made easy with elimination of full table enclosure
  • Laser cutting allows for minimal heat affected on the piece edge and less wear to downstream equipment
  • Minimal kerf combined with 4-axis controls allows for the completion of intricate patterns
  • Laser cutting uses less heat – edges are not hardened leading to less wear and tear on other machinery
  • Exclusive patent–pending technology allows the operator to access parts directly from the table and eliminates the need for a pallet shuttle system
  • All rack and pinion 4-axis (2-y, 1-x, 1-z) controlled - Z is servo driven with automatic torch height

Because of the many features and benefits it offers, the Lockformer Vulcan® Fiber Laser Cutting System is the ideal way to produce sheet metal HVAC fittings.

Click to see video of the Laser-Max 1.5 versus a plasma machine.

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