SMACNA Members Get Paid 3 Weeks Faster with Siteline

You submit complex payment applications every month, for every project. If anything is missing (like lien waivers), expired (like COIs), or incorrect (like retention), then the payment application is kicked back. Siteline eliminates the fire drill that is progress billing and gets subcontractors paid faster.

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Siteline knows that every month, your team assembles and submits complex payment applications—complete with a bunch of compliance documentation and GC or owner requirements—for every project to get paid.

Because most ERPs do not have any module for specifically managing A/R nor can they create custom forms, you’re wrangling the billing workflow outside of the company's accounting system. It's a lot of spreadsheets, emails, Word and PDF documents, phone calls, and run-arounds.

If anything is missing (like lien waivers), expired (like COIs), or incorrect (like retention), then the payment application is kicked back. And it’s a fire drill to find the problem, fix it, and resubmit. In the meantime:

  • Your A/R keeps aging.
  • You lose up to 6% of your net profit per pay app, which impacts working capital.
  • Your PMs are focused on marking up SOVs rather than completing projects.
  • Your accounting team is running around patching payment applications rather than collecting.

It’s no wonder that only 5% of subcontractors report always being paid on time (according to Levelset’s 2022 Construction Cash Flow & Payment Report). Siteline is for the other 95%. Siteline gives commercial trade contractors control of their billing workflow, replacing the runaround with a centralized hub for tracking, managing, and automating your A/R. We enable accounting teams to submit accurate payment applications—precisely to the GC’s specifications—on-time, every time, which means you get paid faster.

In fact, Siteline customers see an average speed to payment improvement of 3 weeks.

Siteline integrates with many construction accounting systems as well as common GC payment portals, enabling your billing workflow to be fast, seamless, and all digital. Join the growing number of subcontractors billing more efficiently and getting paid faster with Siteline. Book a demo at

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Siteline is the only billing software built for trade contractors. We digitize the pay application process and automate lien waivers, which means accounting teams can bill for projects in half the time, eliminate errors that delay payment, and streamline processes while reducing risk. We integrate with ERPs and provide visual A/R reporting.