Track Sheet Metal Materials with STRATUS Containers

STRATUS Containers provide a simple yet powerful solution for managing sheet metal materials, allowing easy tracking of inventory from the warehouse to the jobsite, with the added benefits of nesting, QR codes, and detailed reporting.

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Containers are a useful tool for managing inventory from the warehouse to the jobsite. In STRATUS a container can be defined as a basket, box, cart, pallet, rack, shelf or trailer, and items can be put or scanned into it.

The container dashboard in STRATUS expands the possibilities of managing inventory even further, and the tracking status of the container can be inherited by all the materials, parts, assemblies, or tools associated with it.

Containers can be used in various ways, such as when material is released to the shop for fabrication, some bought-out items may be pulled directly from your inventory. Those individual parts can be added to a container. When a package or lot is issued to fabrication those bought-out pieces can be pulled from the stock container and added into a separate container specific for the project.

Containers can also be used as stationary places in the warehouse, with QR codes printed and mounted to the rack for easy scanning in and out of items. For example, various manufactured fittings can be placed on pallets and staged for a jobsite. They also allow for nesting in any hierarchy, enabling you to group containers together in various ways.

For example, you could have a box for consumables like abrasives, adhesives/sealants, PPE (Container 1) added to a cart with loose items shipping to the jobsite (Container 2), alongside pallets (Containers 3-7) with various manifolds, all of which are included on a trailer going to the jobsite (Container 8). QR codes on containers and parts allow you to distinguish or identify where they should be installed on a jobsite.

Then using the detailed reports in STRATUS your office team can view what containers have been delivered to the jobsite and their corresponding overall percentage of the job and bill accordingly. Overall, containers are a simple yet powerful tool for managing inventory and tracking materials.

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