Hilti’s Wearable Exoskeleton Helps Tackle Health and Safety on the Jobsite

Hilti’s EXO-O1 Exoskeleton is a solution to improve jobsite efficiency and help alleviate upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks.

The device leverages passive exoskeleton technology that is intuitive, easy-to-adjust, well-balanced, lightweight, and offers a virtually unimpeded range of motion. Bringing greater safety and comfort to demanding applications, the EXO-O1 prioritizes safety and productivity.

There has never been greater focus to improve health, safety, and efficiency on the jobsite. Let Hilti’s Exoskeleton EXO-O1 help you redefine the way you safely and effectively tackle overhead work today.


  • Installing overhead air ducts and ventilation equipment
  • Installing overhead sprinklers
  • Installing overhead piping
  • Installing overhead cables and conduits
  • Hanging drywall board


  • All-day comfort — weighing under 4.4 lbs, this ultralight exoskeleton can help delay arm/shoulder muscle fatigue during long periods of overhead work
  • Freedom of movement — provides dynamic support without restricting the range of motion of arms and torso
  • Versatile — engineered to provide support for virtually any overhead installation work on construction jobsites
  • No batteries needed — no power source to charge and no motors to maintain help ensure your overhead exoskeletons are ready whenever you need them

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