Member Discounts on Safety-Driven GPS & Cameras

Azuga offers SMACNA members exclusive savings on fleet vehicle tracking and safety camera solutions, including free months of service and free hardware. Let's create a safer fleet, together.

Exclusive Offer for SMACNA Members

  • 20% discount on CompleteFleet / SafeFleet
  • 2 months free subscription / free hardware

Azuga joined SMACNA to provide contractors and organizations with the best in software and GPS vehicle tracking. Harness the power of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards to create a fleet tracking system that not only does the job, but makes everybody’s job easier to do.

Put safety first.
Take advantage of information—such as speeding, hard braking, cell phone distractions, and service warnings—to keep both drivers and vehicles performing at their best.

Keep tabs on your fleet.
Use the live map view to see where your fleet is at all times. Job, driver, speed, location, and weather information is available instantly.

Delight customers.
Contractors can provide an Uber-like customer experience via email and/or text notifications that include a link to the technician’s real-time location and time of arrival to the customer’s location.

Streamline reporting.
Service managers can more accurately track when technicians arrive on a job site and when they leave. This data powers custom reports for payroll, job costing and accounting purposes, eliminating hours of report consolidation each week.

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Azuga is dedicated to giving our customers whatever they need to track and manage their fleets. Unlike other companies that require new rigorous contracts every time a few vehicles need to be added, and software companies that don’t have the dedicated help that Azuga provides, Azuga takes a hands-on team approach and is always available to provide our customers with assistance.