Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Company’s Employees

It’s no secret that when businesses treat employees well, those employees tend to perform better and stay with the company long-term. To get your business to that level, here are six tips to help you retain and attract talented employees. 

Some business owners grumble about their difficulties in finding and retaining good employees. This has been even more evident over the last 18 months as the current job market has seen labor shortages throughout numerous industries.

However, putting more emphasis how to get good people to work for your company, and even more importantly, stay there needs to be something that business owners focus on.

Here are six quick tips you can implement right away:

  1. Don’t knock your employees. Your employees need to know that you are an ally. Retaining good talent is extremely difficult when employees know that their superiors are complaining about them to other employees and customers. Word gets around quickly, especially in this day of smart phones and social media.
  2. Get everyone working together on ways to improve quality and customer experience. Get your people working on your business plan together with you. They know what is going on and what you do well and don’t do so well. Make them part of the solution.
  3. Trust your people and give them responsibility. “Single person management” is one of the biggest problems many business owners create for themselves. Good people want some freedom and real responsibility. Give them a shot — you may be surprised.
  4. Create real incentives. Consider offering better incentives to employees (and committing to precisely what that is publicly), so they know if the business does well, they will do well.
  5. Share your critical performance metrics with everyone. Some very large corporations post their performance metrics daily on a single sheet of paper in every hall and conference room for anyone to see. That is motivational and helps everyone understand the business and what needs to be done to perform better.
  6. Demonstrate the kinds of actions and behaviors you want in your people. Be there and be present and show everyone what it takes to do a good job through your actions. Set the example from the top on down. Actions always speak louder than words. This is fundamental.

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