Using MSUITE and Prefabrication, Limbach Completes Hospital Ahead of Schedule

From the beginning, Limbach assured stakeholders and the GC they could deliver the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection aspects of this complex project. Exceptional teamwork, technology, and advanced planning helped the owner save $5.6M and potentially generate $60M in indirect operational revenue.

Case Study: McLaren Greater Lansing Replacement Hospital

The McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital offered Limbach and its broad group of stakeholders the opportunity to plan and leverage prefabrication to achieve incredible results. The project was led by savvy ownership with substantial experience and familiarity with modular construction.

From the beginning, Team McLaren and its stakeholders were on board with Limbach delivering the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection aspects of the project. The collective group (Owner, Engineering, GC, Subcontractors) invested heavily in Design for Manufacturing DfMA ) principles to engineer the building for prefabrication and as such audited all the opportunities.

MSUITE Connecting Design Fab Field Teams to Increase Productivity.

Limbach contacted MSUITE, to discuss how their software can outfit the pop up Fab Shop for multi trade contractor use and mitigate risk for the team. In addition, the MSUITE team was leveraged to layout the shop workflows.

Limbach already uses MSUITE at its fabrication facilities across the U.S., but multi trade usage was a new opportunity. MSUITE’s FabPro software is an innovative solution for managing productivity for Fab Shops. The cloud based platform offers production tracking, reporting, and documents everything from start to install for multiple trades. "MSUITE’s expertise in fabrication helped Limbach come up with the fab shop layout for optimal flow.

Team Limbach set up 220 total racks and 6 Assembly lines to add 4,400 lineal feet of racks with a total of 71,500 lineal feet of conduit, piping, plumbing, sheet metal, cable tray, and drywall. These were all tested, inspected, and insulated in place. The total assembly time in the shop for Limbach scope of work was 8,000 hours for a 4 day turn around per line. The entire process per floor was approximately a three week turnaround which included the shop assembly line, delivery, installation and finalization.

"MSUITE’s workflows which helped Limbach track production and provided to the owner real time reporting of fab shop inventory, including documentation to support monthly billings," said Mark Lamberson, CPD, National VDC Manager, Limbach.

MSUITE is management software that includes design automation capabilities in Autodesk Revit with seamless integration to fabrication tracking software in FabPro and field tracking software in the field. The entire methodology is continuous feedback into the process for continual process improvement to  facilitate better communication, collaboration, and workflow efficiency.

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