Digital Sheet Metal Manufacturing with STRATUS

Sheet Metal Contractors are successfully implementing STRATUS to manifold directly from a 3D model and manage production from a digital dashboard.

Historically the 3D BIM model was only beneficial during design coordination meetings and would often translate to flat PDFs for the shop and field. STRATUS bridges the disconnect between the modeling department and shop floor by allowing the 3D model to be accessible to shop and field users. What does going digital in a sheet metal shop actually mean?

First, digital workstations, consisting of a monitor/tablet, in the shop allow users to open a project in STRATUS and generates MAJ files and cut lengths to drive your sheet metal tooling in your fab shop. Then in manifolding, a user would be able to view all sides of a spool and assemble or weld the straight and fittings exactly how the field foreman requested. Second, digital takeoffs mean you know exactly how many pounds of sheet metal, total fittings and accessories are required not only for an entire project, but per floor or area.

STRATUS does more than count items, it also allows you to see what has been ordered or what is in storage for a project. Third, digital dashboards increase visibility from project managers to purchasing and the field. Anyone in your company can see in real-time what the status of a section of a project is.

Digital sheet metal manufacturing helps reduce the number of steps taken in a shop and increases safety and efficiency. The best part is if your company already produces a 3D model integrating STRATUS is an easy way to maximize its value to all departments.

See why McCusker-Gill has made STRATUS to digital foundation of their shop.

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