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The Ruskin® FSD60LP low-profile integral sleeve combination fire and smoke damper has the lowest pressure drop of any fire and smoke damper — less than .03 at 1,000 FPM (5.1 m/s).

The FSD60LP features ultra-low leakage and a low-profile, low pressure drop design with an integral sleeve frame for added convenience and meets NFPA 80, 90A, 92A, 92B, 101 and 105 standards.

Additionally, the FSD60LP offers HVAC design engineers a low leak high performance combination 1.5-hour fire and Class I leakage smoke damper which provides:

  • Barrier to stop flame & smoke
  • Most cost-effective fire/smoke damper for building owners
  • Best pressure drop performance for energy savings
  • Smallest size industry wide

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