Unlock the Value of “Free Cooling”

”Free cooling,” the process of allowing the building load to bypass mechanical cooling and exchange its heat with lower temperature outdoor air, is an environmentally favorable approach that helps reduce operating costs

As businesses embrace environmental initiatives to combat climate change, facility managers and building operators are feeling pressure to increase building efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Cooling can take two different forms: air-side economizers that directly exchange cool outdoor air with the building or water-side economizers that use cool outdoor air to cool the chilled water used to cool the building. One emerging solution increasingly available in the marketplace is integrated water-side economizers mounted on air-cooled chillers, sometimes referred to as “free cooling chillers” because the energy use is so low relative to mechanical cooling that it is almost negligible.

While not truly “free,” such systems can offer significant energy savings in the correct application. Daikin recently released a whitepaper that evaluates the applications in which these chiller-mounted solutions are the most beneficial.

How and where can free-cooling chillers help? Find out.

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