Top Safety Courses Taken by SMACNA Members

SMACNA members have come to rely on training from ClickSafety to comply with state and federal regulations. See the list of top safety courses SMACNA members have taken over the past year.

Here is the list of top safety courses from ClickSafety that SMACNA members have taken over the past year.

#1 Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees: Construction
Many states have enacted regulations requiring employers to provide annual harassment prevention training. State-specific versions are available for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME. This course explains the expected behaviors of Construction employees and workers. Training teaches types of harassment and discrimination that may occur on a worksite, how to identify personal unconscious bias, how to implement necessary intervention techniques, and how to report harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This course replaced Anti-Harassment Training for Employees. 

#2 OSHA 30-Hour Construction
Members earn a valid Department of Labor (DOL)/OSHA 30-Hour Card with this course designed for supervisory construction workers.  This trains members to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent most construction job site hazards. Additionally, members will better understand worker’s rights and employer responsibilities. Specific versions of the OSHA 30 course are offered for NYC SST, in English and Spanish, and with voice authentication.

#3 Motorized Mobile Platforms for Construction
The awareness course trains on how to use appropriate caution while working with or near mobile equipment, whether it is active or idle. Specifically, trains to avoid operator error and shows how it can impact workers. Trains to be aware of the relation to the paths of moving equipment so workers can take greater responsibility for on-the-job safety.

The intermediate course trains the importance of following safety procedures when using mobile platforms on the job site. Also helps members understand and be empowered to follow safe procedures to maintain overall efficiency, increase productivity, and avoid job site accidents.

#4 Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers
Required annually in many states, this training covers situations involving sexual harassment, discrimination, bystander intervention and diversity and inclusion. State-specific versions are available for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME. This course encourages leaders to take an active role in eliminating discrimination and harassment in the Construction workplace. Training to understand the types of harassment and discrimination that may occur, identify personal unconscious bias, implement necessary intervention techniques, understand one’s specific role as a Manager and/or Supervisor, and how to appropriately respond to workplace complaints

#5 Defensive Driver Awareness for Construction
All construction workers and managers with responsibility for oversight and enforcement of OSHA safety standards can use this course. Anyone who operates a vehicle for their construction-related job duties may be required to take this training. This course explains how defensive driving can save lives, as well as how to promote safe driving on and off the job site. Training on how to practice accident avoidance and other key concepts in driving safety.   See also the Defensive Driving Techniques for Construction – Spanish course.

#6 Handwashing and Illness Prevention in the Workplace for All Industries
This course provides essential knowledge of situations where handwashing is recommended for optimal health and safety, as recommended by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn the proper steps for handwashing, understand the proper use of hand sanitizer, and identify when a sanitizer is best used as a handwashing alternative.

#7 Fall Protection for Construction
Helps members stay focused on the basic requirements for fall protection, work positioning, fall restraint, and more. This course trains the fundamentals of fall protection and how to identify and control fall hazards using active, passive, and alternate systems. Additionally, members will learn more about OSHA’s recommendations for fall protection in construction and planning strategies to create a safer work environment.  Specific versions are available for NYC SST, Cal/OSHA, and in English and Spanish.

#8 OSHA 10-Hour Construction
This is required training to perform work at many jobsites. Members will earn a valid DOL/OSHA 10-Hour Card with this course designed specifically for construction workers. This course prepares members to recognize, control, and prevent hazards commonly encountered on construction worksites. Additional tailored versions of the OSHA 10 course are offered for Cal/OSHA, NYC SST. Courses available in English and Spanish, and with voice authentication.

#9 Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
Members are trained on sexual harassment in the workplace and what is/isn’t appropriate workplace behavior. All workers are trained to know the policies governing appropriate behavior in the workplace, identify patterns of harassment, understand how laws (federal and state laws plus companies) handle sexual harassment in the workplace.

#10 Confined Space for Construction
Training focuses on common confined spaces, basic considerations therein, and the necessary training and authorization required for entry. Additionally, participants will learn to avoid confined space hazards. Specific versions are available for California workers, and NYC SST Specialized Elective.

Every ClickSafety course was created by safety experts to keep members informed of the latest regulations and compliance standards, including many state-specific courses. ClickSafety has become the preferred vendor for 90% of ENR’s top 100 companies. Key training topics include general construction safety and fall protection to help promote a safe work environment. Pace your training to suit your schedule and access courses anytime, anywhere for maximum convenience.

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