Produce Finished HVAC Duct with Less Chance for Leaks

The Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line from Iowa Precision is the most advanced complete coil line in the HVAC industry today.

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The Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line leverages footprint, speed, and production rates along with tolerances that no other HVAC coil line can match. 

And now, the Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line produces duct with a full-width longitudinal seam which significantly reduces the chances of leakage in the transverse joint (up to 15%) thereby reducing the amount of post-production sealing that’s needed.

With the Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line, you can produce a better product (one with tangible benefits for your customers) while reducing your post-production labor costs — that’s a competitive advantage you can take to the bank.

Learn more about how the Pro-Fabriduct® can create finished HVAC duct with less chance for leakage!

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