Rossi’s Speedy Damper Assembly Save Time in the Shop

Watch this quick video to see Tony’s step by step demonstration of Rossi's time-saving Speedy Damper Assembly.

Article content provided by Rossi Hardware.

All SMACNA members can benefit from this step-by-step demonstration of Rossi's "Speedy Damper Assembly," wherein a Rossi damper blade, bar, bushings & regulator are assembled into a sheet metal sleeve to quickly build a finished manual air volume damper. 

Simply put, Rossi Hardware makes it their mission to eliminate wingnuts because they rattle loose, throw off your air balance & waste energy. And Rossi’s speedy assembly makes it simple to incorporate this hardware into your sheet metal fittings.  

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Rossi has been innovating HVAC duct hardware for 30 years. Our mission today is to eliminate wingnut dampers and jiffy blades which rattle loose and throw off your air balance.

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