Watch 75F’s VAV Install Compared to Traditional Controls

In the time it takes to install, program, and network one VAV box with a traditional building controls system, you could install, program, and network four VAV boxes with 75F product and still have time for lunch. Want to see how that works?

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Sound like an audacious claim? It is. But it's also true. 

75F  recently put our IoT-based Building Management System (BMS) head-to-head with a traditional commercial controls system by hiring an independent installer to install each system on the same VAV box here in our Minneapolis headquarters. The installer has 13 years of experience with traditional building automation, and aside from our standard online training course, no experience installing the 75F system. The traditional controls system took three hours and 30 minutes. Installing 75F took 45 minutes.

With no need for communications wiring, VAV programming, or manual commissioning, installing 75F is radically intuitive and rises to the cloud-enabled standards of today. In this video, we show both installation experiences side by side to demonstrate how the IoT Approach To Commercial Building Management makes a difference at the installation stage.


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