What Does Data Say About Why Techs Churn?

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Business owners know the difficulty of finding good employees. Across the nation, contractors have been experiencing this issue. It's essential to have a strong understanding of the factors that impact retention and technician churn. Knowing why churn occurs helps contractors adjust to avoid losing talent. Explore ServiceTitan’s recent findings on a study about tech churn, including: 

  • Factors more likely to lead to technician churn
  • What techs are looking for in a work environment 
  • Scheduling issues to avoid and minimize churn risk

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Operational Excellence: How Commercial Contractors Can Dominate in 2023
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  • Uncover common pain points in your business and how to take action
  • Operate more efficiently through automation and technology rooted in data
  • Use ServiceTitan features to help your business drive efficiency through real-time visibility, control, and accountability

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