Is Your Facility Protected From Potential Theft?

Take a close look at your business. Does it seem like a place that may attract thieves? Predicting when a theft will occur is difficult – if not impossible. The thief could be someone with high intent who does a lot of planning, or potentially an amateur acting on impulse.

Consider the habits and situations that might make you an easier target, and what steps you may need to take to enhance the security of your business.

There are five key physical protection strategies that can assist you in protecting your business from theft. They are: deter, detect, delay, deny, and defeat. Combined, these strategies could go a long way in helping to prevent theft at your facility:

Deter – Help prevent crime through environmental design such as maintaining defined boundaries around the workplace. This also includes proper signage, use of alarms and surveillance systems, strategic lighting, and designating spaces where vendors or visitors are allowed – and not allowed. The use of access controls such as ID cards and badges can help limit entrance to only those who should be present.

Detect – Monitoring through the use of alarms, both inside and outside the building, and especially at all entrance and exit points. Motion sensors, thermal imaging, intelligent video and surveillance, and closed-circuit television can all help provide a quick response to any unwanted visitors.

Delay – Utilizing perimeter barriers such as fences, gates, keypads with secure PIN numbers, control locks, reinforced windows, and secured roof openings can help contribute to a safer workplace. Actively controlling vehicle access, using electronic access for certain areas, providing specific areas for walkways that can be monitored, and using construction techniques may help add another level of security.

Deny – Immobilizing large, valuable objects with locks and chains or cables can help frustrate a would-be thief, as can storing valuables in a secure place. Lock all doors and fences securely, and remind your employees to do the same. Consider conducting background checks or other employment screening where allowed by applicable law on anyone who may be in a security-sensitive role to help ensure they are trustworthy.

Defeat – Collaborating with other nearby businesses or law enforcement to come up with security tactics can benefit you and your neighbors. Incorporating a daily walkthrough of your building is also recommended to help verify that everything is secure and in order.

Don’t make it easy for a thief to gain access to your business. Keep these strategies in mind when looking for vulnerable points around your facility, and take action now before a theft occurs.

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