Energy Recovery Ventilators for Multifamily Buildings

Greenheck’s new high-performance residential energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) provide balanced ventilation that improves energy efficiency and ensures multifamily projects meet code and exceed indoor air quality expectations.

Greenheck has four models available, each coming with a variety of options and accessories, and all offer Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified airflow.

Both the ASSURE120™ and SYNC110™ offer a 50-130 cfm operational range in a compact low-profile design that simplifies installations with limited mechanical space such as bulkheads and drop ceilings. In addition, the SYNC110™ is powered by two Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) with adaptive, variable speed technology programmed to adapt to the static pressure associated with a dirty filter or core. The motor reacts to increased static pressure by increasing its speed to ensure the airflow required to maintain a healthy balance.

The SYNC180™ and SYNC270™ are cold-weather certified ERVs that when paired with the PrecisionSYNC™ control allow for measurement of the maximum airflow capacity of the installation and precisely adjust airflow to meet design and code requirements. The SYNC180 offers a 75-200 cfm operational range and features best-in-class core efficiency with a Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE) of 84%. The SYNC270 offers a 75-280 cfm operational range and features best-in-class core efficiency with a Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE) of 77%.

All models include a Total Recovery Core that transfers heat and moisture between two crossflow airstreams without allowing cross contamination. When used for balanced mechanical ventilation in humid environments, the unit helps to reduce air conditioning (AC) energy costs. In colder climates, moisture transfer is reversed and the unit helps to moderate humidity with its core acting as a highly efficient heat exchanger.

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