Case Study: Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center

Pathfinder® air-cooled and Magnitude® water-cooled chillers formed the core of a hybrid HVAC system for this medical center — to meet loads and optimize efficiency according to the time of year. The result: $70,000 in annual savings and a $160,000 utility rebate.

For this most recent case study, the Daikin team faced several project challenges, not least among them, the COVID-19 pandemic and associated shutdown. Timing was another concern. The hospital needed to maintain operations and continue to deliver high-quality care throughout the course of the retrofits. Interruptions in care, construction noise and facility issues (variations in heat, ventilation, cooling, etc.) can negatively affect patient recovery time and outcomes.

Solution: To minimize the effects on patient care and staff productivity, the project was divided into phases. Phase one was slated to take place during the winter months to help moderate the demand on the equipment for chilled water. The second phase of the project was scheduled for summer, to help reduce the demand on the hospital’s boiler for steam and hot water.

The turnkey package included new air- and water-cooled chillers, hot water and steam boilers, cooling towers, chilled and condenser water systems, hot water pumps, and chiller and boiler plant controls. The Daikin team partnered with an MEP engineer to ensure an efficient and code-compliant design. In addition, the team employed seasoned partners in the mechanical, electrical and controls trades to ensure a quality outcome.

Outcome: In the midst of the carefully-timed schedule, but just after the chillers and cooling towers were set in place, Maryland initiated a COVID-19 shutdown, except for essential services. Daikin Applied and its dedicated partners worked to finish the project with a renewed sense of urgency and care. The project leads also helped LHDCMC secure a $160,000 energy efficiency rebate from the local utility.

The overall project, with magnetic-bearing chillers and controls optimization, will save the facility over $70,000 per year in energy costs or 23% of the current chiller plant consumption.

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