Improve Your HVAC Duct Fabrication

See noticeable improvements to the overall production, quality, and efficiency in your duct shop with the addition of an automated duct manufacturing process with the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line with In-Line Plasma.

This automated duct manufacturing solution can reduce costs of both labor and material without sacrificing high-quality end products. Manufacturing rectangular duct on the Pro-Fabriduct includes multiple production stages into the coil line reducing runtime and changeovers, increasing overall productivity, and helps to meet the needs of prefabrication, a growing trend in the HVAC industry.

Benefits of the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line with In-Line Plasma include:

Fully Automation – Reduce human error with cutting and increase production speed and efficiency

Time Savings – Reduce runtime and changeovers by incorporating multiple production stages

Pre-Fabrication – Fabricate ductwork with pre-cut taps, collars, and access doors off coil line

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