Top 5 Hottest Ways to Suspend Ductwork (That Every Contractor Should Know)

You’re probably familiar with all the traditional ways you can suspend ductwork—with bands, straps, threaded rod, strut, and beam clamps.  And let’s not forget all those little nuts and washers.  All of these traditional methods work fine.  After all, that’s how it’s always been done, right?

There are newer, faster, more versatile methods of suspending ductwork that you might not know about.  Methods that can cut ductwork installation time in half.  Methods that can be a breath of fresh air for a contractor trying to get their job done faster and be more competitive.  Methods that are Buy American Act compliant, can be easily height adjusted or leveled without tools, and are lightweight & compact for carrying around a job site.

If you haven’t explored some of the newer, faster, more versatile methods of suspending ductwork, it’s definitely worth a try.  Time is money.  And a duct suspension method that saves a lot of time will save a lot of money, and allow a contractor to be more competitive and get onto their next job faster.

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