Case Study: School District Saves Big with Daikin Cooperative Contract

Recently, a New Jersey public school district saved $400,000 in overall construction costs by leveraging Daikin’s cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners.

For K-12 facility managers, maintaining facility infrastructure can be challenging – especially when annual budgets often remain static or only increase marginally. For a New Jersey public school district in need of updated HVAC equipment with a quick turnaround as the existing equipment was nearing the end of its useful life, the challenges they were facing are not unusual.

Across the U.S., school district buildings and grounds management face increasing challenges in terms of maintaining facility infrastructure, e.g. heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Maintenance budgets often remain static or increase only marginally from year-to-year — even though a facility’s appearance and its apparent state of repair are often used by the public as a barometer of a district’s prudent use of its budget. The result is increased pressure on facilities management to essentially do more with less.

In this case study, read how by leveraging Daikin’s National Cooperative Offering, made available through OMNIA Partners, the New Jersey school district avoided the frustrating aspects of the equipment bid process.

With this approach, the district vastly reduced equipment delivery and installation times to successfully meet time-sensitive project requirements. The district was also able to overcome tight-budget restrictions through reduced equipment and installation costs. By its own estimation, the district saved over $400,000 in overall construction savings.

Read the case study.

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