High-Performing Leaders All Have This in Common

Managers today need to develop these seven distinct skills and traits in order to lead effectively.

The current demands of a shrinking workforce has put many managers and leaders in a position where it’s no longer enough to just be a supervisor. Today’s best leaders need to be up to the task of leading their teams instead of just carrying out directives.

Based on a recent report put out by Gallup, there are seven leadership traits usually found among managers who create successful teams:

  1. Building relationships: Establishing connections with others to build trust, share ideas and accomplish work.
  2. Developing others: Helping team members become more effective through developing their strengths, setting clear expectations, providing encouragement and coaching.
  3. Driving change: Setting goals for change and leading efforts to adapt work that aligns with a stated vision.
  4. Inspiring others: Leveraging positivity, vision, confidence and recognition to influence performance and motivate workers to meet challenges.
  5. Thinking critically: Seeking information, critically evaluating it, and applying the knowledge gained to solve problems.
  6. Communicating clearly: Listening, sharing information concisely and with purpose, and being open to hearing opinions.
  7. Creating accountability: Identifying the consequences of actions and holding themselves and others responsible for performance.

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