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The Titus Return Canopy

With an easy-to-install covering over the back of return air grilles in the ceiling plenum space, this new product ensures that conversations taking place within a private office or conference room can remain private.

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Let your customers know that now they can keep private conversations private with the Titus Return Canopy (RCP), an easy-to-install accessory for return grilles that reduces crosstalk noise between private offices and conference rooms by becoming a lined, acoustical “shield”. 

The office environment has changed a lot over years with cubicles and collaborative spaces becoming more prevalent. One thing that has not changed, is the need for spaces to have private conversations, such as tactful human resources discussions or a sensitive contract negotiation. Unfortunately, these spaces, and discussions, may not be as private as you think due to the crosstalk through the ceiling plenum. The RCP can mitigate noise by providing a barrier that reduces sound transmission in key speech octave bands between return grilles in different rooms.

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