Coil-Tack: The Preferred Engineered Adhesive in HVAC

This nonflammable, water-based insulation adhesive is engineered for spray or extruding coil line applications and spray booth applications. It has been developed to eliminate clogging within the adhesive delivery system, ensuring consistent operation.

Coil-Tack is ideal for horizontal application in the fab shop when pinning separately and its exceptional coverage and easy clean-up means lower application cost.

Importance of Initial Bonding Time 

You must consider the application orientation and when the insulation will be pinned to the substrate to understand the importance of initial bonding time. If you are pinning immediately, the initial bonding time is of less importance as the insulation pins will hold the insulation in contact to the substrate whether you stack horizontally or vertically. If you are pinning later and stacking horizontally, the initial bonding time is of less importance.

Gravity will do the job to hold the insulation to the substrate. If you are pinning later and stacking vertical, the initial bonding time must be minimized to hold the insulation to the substrate. Note: If you must pin later and need to stack the insulated panels in the vertical orientation, then we suggest utilizing an aerosol or solvent-based adhesive for the immediate tack they supply.

Key features:

  • Initial bonding time: 30 minutes (applied at room temp and humidity at 5 mils)
  • Dry time: 45 minutes to 1 hour (applied at room temp and humidity at 5 mils)
  • Low VOC - 71 g/L
  • Colors: white/grey (wet), white/black (dry)
  • UL 723 Flame Spread/Smoke Developed rating of 0/0 - Class 0

Application Methods and Expected Results 

When applying Coil-Tack make sure you are getting “hills and valleys” versus a perfectly flat surface. These “hills and valleys” allow the adhesive to soak further into the fiberglass fibers to achieve a better bond. If you have a smooth surface, you will get minimal contact with the insulation fibers. When using a brush application, you naturally get the “hills and valleys". If utilizing a roller, use a medium to thick knap roller, typically ¾" or taller. If you are spray applying Coil-Tack, then adjust the aerosolization pressure to get a good splatter pattern.

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