Changing the Status Quo With Kingspan’s KoolDuct

Kingspan is aiming to change the status quo for HVAC ductwork with their pre-insulated system, KoolDuct.

Article content provided by Kingspan.

The Kingspan KoolDuct System is installed in a single step incorporating the ductwork and insulation all-in-one. KoolDuct’s panels consist of a fiber-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core faced with branded silver aluminum foil on one side and plain silver aluminum foil on the other. KoolDuct is noted for eliminating virtually all of the problems associated with traditional ductwork utilizing fiber glass insulation and pre–insulated rigid polyiso (PIR) ductwork systems while offering additional advantages.

Ductwork fabricated from the KoolDuct system can potentially reduce air–leakage rates to a fraction of those typical of rectangular ductwork and has a SMACNA Class 3 leakage rate. This cutting edge system thus offers the triple potential benefits of cutting energy use, cutting operational carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and cutting costs with reduced labor and materials.

Being the first premium performance pre-insulated ductwork in the world to be UL Listed as a Class 1 Air Duct, Kingspan claims that KoolDuct positively differentiates from other systems on the market. Additional potential benefits include: low weight, faster installation speeds, credit towards LEED rating systems and high R-values with thin insulation.

You can learn more here or reach out to Kingspan’s KoolDuct representatives Vincent Fuster at and Jarrett Deschenes at on specific building product recommendations and installation guidelines.


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