Take The Guesswork Out of Field Information

The cutting edge of technology isn’t just for the CAD guys anymore. FabShop’s mobile applications ⎯ FabShop Mobile Pro and FabShop Tracking ⎯ allow you to stream activities between the shop and the jobsite.

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For years, TrimbleⓇ FabShop has set the bar for cutting software with the best mix of innovation and usability. Today, FabShop’s mobile applications ⎯ FabShop Mobile Pro and FabShop Tracking ⎯ allow you to stream activities between the shop and the jobsite, taking the guesswork out of information coming from the field. Now, field and shop personnel can reduce or eliminate errors in an intuitive user interface so that everybody has access to the information they need, when they need it, from anywhere.

“Using FabShop mobile apps means the field sends the right fittings, with the right information, quickly and easily ⎯  connecting them directly to the fabrication shop like never before. The shop can set up configurations so field personnel only enter fittings the shop actually creates, giving the shop ultimate control over what the field enters. By using FabShop Tracking on any iOS or Android device, the field and shop know which fittings are being fabricated, shipped, and delivered, providing a new level of visibility into the fabrication process that will protect your bottom line.”

- Philip Hall, Trimble FabShop Product Manager

With Trimble’s FabShop’s mobile apps, users can:

  • Easily and efficiently create fitting requests from a jobsite, and send them back to your fabrication shop software
  • Enter fitting dimensions and preview in 3D while on the jobsite, reducing the re-work associated with mismanaged or miscalculated hand written notes
  • Ensure they know when HVAC fittings have left the shop and arrived at the job site, utilizing barcodes generated by your Trimble® FabShop cutting software to track items and containers as they are staged, finished, loaded, shipped, and received
  • Access standard company defaults and fittings on a tablet or phone
  • Easily see all entered fittings through graphical icons, piece numbers and dimensional data
  • Increase project profit by reducing incorrect fitting waste

From beginning to end, Trimble FabShop’s mobile applications make your business run more efficiently. Available for both Andriod and iOS.

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