The Project Management Playbook & MEP Innovation Recap Webinar

Watch a recent podcast where Aaron Hilger, CEO of SMACNA shares tips on successful project management and view a recent webinar that highlights key takeaways from the MEP Innovation Conference.

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Webinar: 2023 MEP Recap

Hear from Mark Terzigni, former Executive Director of Market Sectors and Construction with SMACNA, Sean McGuire, Director of Innovative Technology at MCAA, and Tauhira Ali, Executive Director of Industry Innovation at NECA, in this free webinar, where they will share key takeaways and learnings from the MEP Innovation Conference.

In today’s construction process, work performed by these trades takes a high level of coordination, precision, and skill. Learn the best strategies for increasing business profitability and productivity along with the latest innovations and new technologies you can utilize.

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Podcast: Bite Off What You Can Chew: The Project Management Playbook 

In his recent appearance on the "Toolbox for the Trades" podcast, Aaron Hilger, CEO of SMACNA, provided tips for successful project management, discussed the importance of reinvesting in people for long-term success, and emphasized that one-size-fits-all solutions do not apply to the industry.

During the episode, Hilger also talked about how mega projects create their own ecosystems, and how his organization helps employers manage the workforce and stabilize the community before, during, and after the project is completed. To tackle such massive projects, Hilger believes technology is crucial and contractors must embrace it to succeed.

“One of the things that our contractors have to do is actually learn how to use technology and embrace it.” - Aaron Hilger

Catch ServiceTitan’s latest podcast episode to hear more about Hilger’s background and how SMACNA helps contractors manage their workforces during projects.

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