A Quick Q&A Session with ClickSafety

As a first-time attendee of the SMACNA Annual Convention, Key Account Manager Katie Adams shares her thoughts on how welcoming the SMACNA family was, and also how ClickSafety can benefit all SMACNA members by making safety training easy and interactive.

ClickSafety’s Key Account Manager Katie Adams was happy to have been able to meet face-to-face with many SMACNA members at the 2021 Annual Convention in Maui. She recently sat down to talk about her experience and answer the most frequently asked questions she encountered while at the Convention so all SMACNA members and chapters could easily learn more about how ClickSafety can benefit them.

Q) What was it like to attend your first SMACNA Annual Convention?
As a first timer, I was eager to dive in! I was quickly made to feel part of the SMACNA family and was touched by how welcoming and supportive everyone was. From helping me find ballrooms and transportation to making introductions, I’m truly grateful for the welcoming attitude that I encountered in Maui. What I’m most impressed with is how everyone I talked to also shared my mission of safety.

Q) Do you have a list of courses ClickSafety offers?
The ClickSafety course catalog lists over 300 training courses developed by subject matter safety experts, with OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour being the top requested courses. You’ll find versions made specifically to meet regulations in Construction, Road Construction, General Industry, and California OSHA. Members also asked about NFPA 70E and HR (Human Resources) courses, such as Preventing Discrimination & Harassment training as these are required to work in some states. 

Q) How can SMACNA chapters include training as a benefit?
Many chapters asked about this. Our goal is to make safety training easy and interactive while allowing members and member companies alike to be able to concentrate more on their day-to-day jobs. Due to the uniqueness of chapters and their members, we offer solutions that are unique to match those needs. Some chapters supply the ClickSafety quality safety training at no charge to their members, like Bay Area SMACNA. Other chapters run the business end of assigning, tracking, and managing the safety training, allowing members to pay (but at a discounted rate). Another choice is for chapters to turn all the training over to their members who know which training they need and buy at their own discretion, while utilizing our discount code.

Q) Are all SMACNA members eligible for a discount?
Yes, all SMACNA members can purchase ClickSafety training at a discount. I advise you to check with your local chapter first as some chapters already include ClickSafety training as a benefit. Contact me, Katie Adams, at Katie.Adams@ClickSafety.com or 913-239-2692 to receive a code for 20% off ClickSafety courses.

Q) How does online training work for multiple locations?
Workplaces are more spread-out than ever before which means gathering workers in one place becomes a coordination nightmare. That is one reason online training is so valuable. As the first authorized OSHA online trainer we have the most experience of delivering online safety training. Workers can get the safety training, knowledge, and skills they need to be successful anytime and anywhere. Not to mention, they can access training certificates and records on the go!

Q) What are your HR courses?
Our HR courses meet the business needs or our customers. Some states require HR courses, like Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees with versions specific to CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, and Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Managers CA and CT. You can find the full list of our HR courses in the ClickSafety Course Catalog more HR classes are coming to our portfolio very soon.           

Q) Was it bad for your eyes to watch the spectacular sunsets in Maui?
As someone who represents safety, I feel it’s my responsibility to include a safety question. According to Astronomy Stack Exchange, during a sunset, the sun is lower in the sky than during most of the day - much lower. Therefore, light from the sun travels through about 120 miles of dense atmosphere, compared to the roughly 2 miles it travels through from straight up. The longer travel distance means that there is much more scattering of ultraviolent light, which in turn means that the light you see is less intense. There's one more thing to consider, which is that people watching a sunset don't look at the sun; they look at the clouds and sky around the sun. Of course, I still wore sunglasses!

Q) Any final thoughts you’d like to share?
Thank you again to the entire SMACNA membership and leadership team for making the 2021 Annual Convention a definite highlight for me! I enjoyed the discussions that were spurred from these questions and hope these sparked more questions for each of you. Please reach out to me at Katie.Adams@ClickSafety.com and let’s discuss how we can build a safety culture together.

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