Improving Documentation in Construction With Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, project progress photos are priceless. See how empowering contractor crews with time and date-stamped photos—and the ability to mark them up—can help increase visibility on every project.

A recent blog post by Raken shows that in construction, keeping a project on track (and your customers happy) is easier said than done. However, increasing your visibility into a construction project can help you make more informed decisions along the way. Here’s how photo documentation can improve your projects—and protect your construction business.

Project photos document what’s happening on the jobsite.
Photos help capture your project’s progress when you can’t be on the site yourself. Instead of sifting through messy project notes, you can quickly review any images uploaded by your field team. This saves your field crews time, too—all they have to do is snap a few shots with their phones. Then, photos are automatically attached to their digital daily reports.

Images let you see how teams are following safety protocols and maintaining high-quality work. They can also help you identify any potential safety hazards or risks. By learning how your crews are working, you can offer better support by giving them the resources they need.

Usually, construction photo software comes with both a web app and a mobile app. With a more automated process for photo management, remote collaboration is easier than ever. And since photos are easy to save, store, and share, you clients will be in the know as well.

Photo markup highlights the most critical project info.
Sometimes, your crews take photos to highlight something specific about a project. Photo markup lets you do just that.

With photo markup, workers can draw directly on photos of the site. For extra clarity, they can also add photo descriptions and captions. This helps your team have a clear idea of project progress—and improve documentation.

When looking for construction software, choose one with photo markup (like Raken).

Date and time-stamped photos help protect against litigation.
Time-stamped photos clearly document who’s doing what, when, and where on a project. More specifically, a timestamp captures the date and time an image was taken. Construction software also shows you who uploaded the photo and the site location.

Timestamps can be powerful evidence in the case of a dispute or litigation. Combining them with other digital documentation (like productivity data or safety checklists)? Even better. Historical data will give your company more legal protection in court—since you can prove your case with a clear record of events.

See Raken’s construction management software (with photo documentation) in action.
With Raken, your field crews can download the mobile app and start taking project photos right away. Every photo is automatically attached to their daily reports—then, everything is stored on the cloud for easy access. Hello, real-time insights and better project management.

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