Spending Too Much Time...Collecting Time?

For over 10 years, eSUB Construction Software has worked with mechanical contractors around the country to help them get all their project data and documents from the field to the office, on time, every time.

In a recent case study, Ohio-based SMACNA member Geauga Mechanical was able to increase real-time visibility and improve labor productivity through eSUB’s project management platform.

"The wealth of project data available has provided better visibility into productivity and job costing – and doing it in a lot less time,” Craig Berman, CEO of Geauga Mechanical.  

Read the Geauga Mechanical Case Study

Prior to transitioning to eSUB, Geauga’s paper-based system of time reporting required field employees to call in to the office weekly or submit written time sheets that had to be reviewed, approved and then manually entered into the accounting system.

“Our accounting staff was in the office every Monday, calling people in the field,” Berman said. “This took at least two hours of time from people in the field and four hours from accounting. Now it takes only a few minutes,” he added. “eSUB also saves me time approving timecards. If I’m out, I can quickly review and approve them from my phone.”

The pandemic made an inefficient system even more tedious. It was clunky and left hours reported in a way that made job costing imprecise. “There was always a bit of confusion in the field as to task codes,” Berman said. “A lot of stuff got dumped into ‘duct installation’ even if it was something else. It was all going into one big bucket.”

Switching to eSUB has made labor productivity tracking for Geauga much more precise, like being able to see at-a-glance exactly how much time it took to hang 100 feet of duct work.

Read the Geauga Mechanical Case Study

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