Carlisle HVAC Brands Releases FAST-U Training Program

This newly released training program is focused on fabrication shops, and SMACNA members can receive the training specific to their shops.

Article content provided by Carlisle HVAC.

Have you been looking for an on-site training program that can be tailored to your own fabrication shop?

Long gone are the days of canned training that covers everything and the kitchen sink whether you need it or not.

Carlisle HVAC Brands saw the need for a training program that can be personalized for each shop’s needs. The FAST-U training program is designed with you in mind. As our tagline says, “Elevate Your Crew with FAST-U”.

It gives you the edge over your competition. With on-site training you minimize the impact on your labor hours and maximize your knowledge on the specific products and equipment you really need. The program focuses on:

  • PowerPinner Equipment Training
  • Insulation Fasteners
  • Rolled Sealants
  • KWIKI Damper Hardware
  • Water-Based and Solvent-Based Adhesives
  • Flexible Duct Connectors
  • And many more product offerings!

Once again, the training program will be personalized for your specific shop needs, and you get rewarded with FAST-U gear!

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