Pathfinder®: 100% Configurable to Match Applications

Now with low GWP R-513A refrigerant, Pathfinder’s flexible design and advanced options allow for a balance of price and performance.

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Now with low GWP R-513A refrigerant, Pathfinder is the first air-cooled screw chiller with IPLVs exceeding 22 EER and delivers the lowest flow turndown and the highest leaving chilled water capabilities in the industry. With Pathfinder, you get a 100% configurable design with advanced options that allow you to balance price and performance to best meet your application requirements, while reducing expensive installation and operating costs.

Customize yours to more closely match specific job requirements while reducing installation and operating costs.

Free Cooling
An integrated waterside economizer (free cooling) option adds fluid-to-air heat exchanger coils – in series with the chiller’s primary condenser coils – to reject heat to the outdoor air without vapor compression cooling. Now you can capitalize on this cost-saving, free cooling when the outdoor air is colder than cooling fluid temperature requirements.

Factory-Installed Pump Package
Pathfinder’s 100% configurability is even more flexible with our optional factory-installed pump packages on both packaged and free-cooling models. Powered and enabled by the chiller, these pumps offer convenience and speed, eliminating the need to size, source and install the system pumps separately.

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