SiteTrace Speeds Up Ductwork Detailing & Ordering for Maxair Mechanical

Mike Tzimenatos (VP Construction) and Scott Gaglia (Virtual Design & Construction Manager) from Georgia-based Maxair Mechanical talk about how SiteTrace solved the problem of missing or illegible information in their ductwork orders.

Article content provided by SiteTrace.

It’s no secret that field foremen at HVAC contractors lose tons of hours every week on callbacks from the shop, regarding missing or illegible information in their ductwork orders. Which is exactly why SMACNA member, Maxair Mechanical partnered with SiteTrace

“We were looking for a cleaner and more effective way for foremen to draw up the ductwork and send it to the shop with no errors or illegible handwriting,” said Shawn Ryals, Sheetmetal Coordinator at Maxair Mechanical.

Maxair's foremen have reported to SiteTrace's head of customer success Lin Htet Kyaw that since they began using SiteTrace, they had stopped getting callbacks from the shop; this had saved both the field and the shop plenty of unnecessary phone calls every week. 

Shawn continued, “The shop foreman loves orders coming in through SiteTrace. It’s 1000x better for him to process them because the orders are cleaner and standardized in language. Before SiteTrace, foremen were handwriting or sketching the orders and the shop would misinterpret them or have to call up the foremen frequently.”

SiteTrace is used and trusted by several SMACNA contractors, such as the Waldinger Corporation (Kansas), R.W. LaPine (Michigan), and Maxair Mechanical (Georgia). Contractors interested can visit their website here to learn more and submit a demo request. 

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SiteTrace is a mobile app via which foremen can submit accurate ductwork & material orders quickly from anywhere on the jobsite, preventing miscommunication and accelerating the order turnaround.