No Inlet Option for Linear Plenums and Plenum Slot Diffusers

Titus is pleased to announce some of our plenums and plenum slot diffusers can now be ordered with no inlet. This is no longer a special order and applies to our Linear Plenums and Plenum Slot Diffusers.

All Titus models feature a high performance diffuser with integral distribution plenum that ships as a single unit to reduce installation time and labor in the field. This will benefit your operations by:

  • Facilitating field-cutting special inlets
  • Reducing special orders & associated lead times

Available models

  • MP-37, MP-38, MP-39 & MP-40 plenums and their derived models; MPI (insulated), MP-NT (narrow tee) and MP-SP (special performance)    
  • FBP-10, FBP-15, FBP-20, FBP-25, FBP-30 plenums and their derived models; FBPI (insulated)
  • TBD-10, TBD-30, TBD-80 and their derived model, TBDI (insulated)

The plenum slot line consists of five different manually adjustable models and matching returns units. All diffusers feature heavy gauge steel construction with inlet collars drawn from the plenum wall to eliminate the leakage that can occur with mechanically fastened collars.

Standard construction also includes double metal thickness at the diffuser slot face to ensure rigidity and straightness. Options include internal or external insulation (depending on the model), 8” or 11” plenum height, and inlet dampers for balancing airflow.

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