See How SiteTrace Helps Waldinger Eliminate Miscommunication on Ductwork Orders

HVAC contractors lose over $100,000 worth of time & money annually on their pen-and-paper based ductwork ordering process on the field, which is slow and error-prone. SiteTrace partnered with Matt Hildreth and Justin Morgan from the Waldinger Corporation to solve that problem.

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Foremen from Waldinger’s Wichita office have experienced major time savings as well as zero mistakes in their fabricated ductwork sent to the site, since they started using SiteTrace. They reported to SiteTrace's head of customer success Lin Htet Kyaw that they are each saving 1 hour every week as a result of having eliminated follow-up calls from the shop on their ductwork orders, since SiteTrace ensures all orders are complete with the required info before being sent to the shop.

Additionally, the foremen are saving 15 minutes on every ductwork order they create on SiteTrace, compared to their old ways of hand sketching the fittings on paper. 

With customers in 11 US states, SiteTrace is looking for more partners. Contractors interested can visit their website to learn more and submit a demo request. 

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SiteTrace is a mobile app via which foremen can submit accurate ductwork & material orders quickly from anywhere on the jobsite, preventing miscommunication and accelerating the order turnaround.