STRATUS Produces Pressure Testing Reports Faster

Trade workers and VDC teams realize labor savings from using STRATUS to generate Pressure Testing Reports.

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STRATUS much more than a spooling tool. It is a construction procurement, manufacturing, and logistics platform. One of the most powerful aspects of STRATUS is the ability to create Fields. Fields allow users to reference Revit parameters to create custom calculations/data. By utilizing this aspect of STRATUS, contactors can bypass the time-consuming task of manually calculating allowable leakage class based on water gauge and create logic that will automatically calculate it.

Coupling custom fields with digital dashboards and STRATUS sheets, your field team can see immediately the allowable leakage of different duct types in a work package, have forms automatically generated and available at the time of testing.

Check out how one contractor reduced the time it took to produce their pressure testing reports/deliverables from three months to three days to three days.

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