Rebel Applied™ Newly Upgraded

Now with Sorbent Ventilation Technology (SVT) and inverter compressors,  Rebel Applied is the industry’s first packaged total-air-quality system that combines the benefits of sorbent media with a class-leading energy efficient and configurable rooftop unit.

These exciting new upgrades reduce outside ventilation as much as 80 percent, gain control of humidity and comfort, and trim operating expenses up to 30 percent.

Sorbent Ventilation Technology (SVT) removes CO2, VOCs and other contaminants using sorbent filtration that absorbs pollutants while allowing oxygen and water to pass through freely, resulting in cleaner air. When applied using ASHRAE 62.1’s IAQ Procedure (IAQP), SVT provides the clean air changes needed for healthy indoor spaces, allowing building operators to decrease the volume of outdoor air needed and the total cooling load of their buildings, simplifying retrofits, enhancing IAQ.

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