Pinnacle at SMACNA Annual Convention 2021 - What to Expect

Pinnacle’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts in HVAC Sheet Metal will be present at the 2021 SMACNA Product Show on Tuesday, October 26 to interact with attendees and provide guidance on how our BIM solutions can streamline their construction workflows.

SMACNA members that are in attendance for the 2021 Product Show can stop by Booth #12 to get a first-hand look at how Pinnacle’s services are an ideal fit for:

1. Mechanical Contractors
Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows Mechanical Contractors to create and examine virtual representations of the Mechanical systems and other utilities. The simulated 3D construction can be used to show design intent to owners with greater visualization, generate coordinated drawings for eliminating reworks & change orders and eradicate work-stoppages due to RFIs, given the availability of a high degree of detailing within the model itself.

Pinnacle can reduce client costs by up to 15% by harnessing a highly experienced global workforce.

2. MEP Engineering
Integrated MEP Design takes a collaborative approach to promote synergy between various building systems. It allows the integration of third-party design tools directly into BIM which allows faster iterations leading to substantial savings in design time and costs. The 3D BIM model is detailed and constructible which enables MEP engineers to develop detailed construction documents.

Pinnacle has worked on 1700+ MEP Design projects over 30 years and has found that integrated MEP Design results in 40% savings in design time and 20% savings in design costs on average.

Visit Booth #12 to interact with us and understand how our solutions can benefit you.

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