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The DEWALT® Anchors & Fasteners Buyer’s Guide is now available. Concrete, steel, and wood anchorage from DEWALT provide SMACNA members, both contractors and engineers, with productivity and solutions. DEWALT® complements their leadership position in Power Tools with a complete range of 300+ 20v Tools to install Anchors and Fasteners to provide such solutions. 

Direct Fastening, whether Powder Actuated, Gas, or Battery operated, pair with ceiling clip assemblies and certified operator training support. Mechanical, both post-installed or cast-in anchor inserts, provide overhead hanger solutions in a variety of sizes and lengths. Reduce the hours working at heights! Chemical, Epoxy or Acrylic Adhesives, injection methods work seamlessly with DEWALT® DUSTX+™ system installations.

DEWALT® products are sold through a network of construction and industrial supply distributors. DEWALT® Anchors and Fasteners support is available via local field engineer representatives, as well as our engineering direct phone number and email. DESIGN, BUILD, SUPPORT.

Download the DEWALT® Anchors & Fasteners Buyer’s Guide.

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